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Kings Head Theatre | Charles court opera | 2021/22

Written | John Savournin & David Eaton 

Director | John Savournin 

Designer | Stewart J. Charlesworth 

Lighting Designer | Jo Palmer

Photos | Craig Fuller


Off West End Award nomination - Set Design 


“The textured curves of the backdrop then become the waves of a winter sea into which Beowulf dives for his epic journey to fetch the stolen sacred sword. Best of all is the backdrop’s magical transformation into a dragon: artful lighting reveals that the contours of the dragon has been there all along. Smoke billows from its nostrils, its eyes and mouth glow red. It’s a spectacular moment realised by set and costume designer Stewart J Charlesworth.” The Reviews Hub 


“The sea monster, also played by Philip Lee, is a chatty soul first seen glowing luminously in the dark, a terrific creation by designer Stewart J Charlesworth” Reviewsgate

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